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Visit Monique Monet's latest short film Moon Dance on YouTube.


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Also, see Monique Monet's Two Minute Dance Class - - an excerpt from the film  Revolutionay Dance.


(Click here for E-World's newest TV channel: Monique TV.) Desert Spirit Films presents Inanna's Last Stand. Available now on YouTube - - Inanna's Last Stand, an out-take from Monique Monet's newest film, Song of Salome.


At it's most basic level, Song Of Salome is a ritual in film. It's an invocation - - calling forth the limitless nurturing power of the sacred feminine into our desperately needy world.


In the 1940's the barren sands of the Middle East relinquished two long lost treasures - - two seperate discoveries of ancient Gnostic manuscripts that rocked our modern world.

Through the texts of The Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Nag Hamadi Manuscripts, we have been introduced not only to the wisdom of First Century women writers, but also to a different picture of god - - a face divinely feminine.

In her book, The Gnostic Gospels, Dr. Elaine Pagels writes: Another text, mysteriously entitled Thunder, Perfect Mind, offers an extraordinary poem spoken in the voice of a feminine divine power.

Among the long-forgotten manuscripts of Nag Hamadi and the Dead Sea Scrolls are fragmentary accounts of a condemned sacred dancer imprisoned in a timeless and inescapable "cosmic cycle."


Monique Monet integrates and re-interprets these ancient fragments to shape and give "contemporary" voice to a story long buried in the unforgiving desert sands.

At last, after 2,000 years -- the Song of Salome.


The time is now. Salome, the birthday dancer to King Harod millennia ago, is still dancing.


From the dusty crypt of ancient history, to the strip clubs of our concrete jungles - -

Salome performs four nights a week.


It's her own personal hell - - the endless punishment assigned her by an ancient and angry patriarchy.





Desert Spirit Films' production, Monique Monet's Revolutionary Dance, is a modern, creative assessment of one of the world's most ancient and most misunderstood art forms.





Spellbound by Monique Monet


"I had laughed at them, turned my back on them, but there was no escape. Soon those old Gypsy "witches" were laughing at me in my dreams."

an excerpt from Spellbound

originally published in Zaghareet Magazine

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An article available in the online dance magazine Gilded Serpent


In her on-line diary one of the so-called "Belly Dance Super Stars" expresses her fears:


Fear reigns that Miles Copeland will change the face of the belly dance world for the worst. Maybe he will force all women to believe that they need to be 100lbs. and 25 years old to belly dance. Maybe he is money hungry and doesn't really care about the girls as long as they are youthful and beautiful and making a good buck for him. I have had all of these fears."



(Miles Copeland and "Belly Dance Super Stars" at bookstore performance.)


"I have also feared," she continues, " that I am the only one really talking about this...that other dancers and teachers across the nation are still biting their tongues so they won't get on the 'bad side' of Miles Copeland."



In UNCHAINED! the Gypsy dancer Monique Monet faces these wimpy fears head-on:


"Who the hell is Miles Copeland? And what is he doing in our sacred and magical dance? He's not a guru, a svengali, a godfather, just a business man trying to make a buck . . . selling two hours worth of pretty dancing girls for $25."


In the article, Monique Monet (with imput from other dance leaders) delivers Miles Copeland a playfully serious tweak on his up-turned nose.


Read UNCHAINED now! The truth will set you free!




"Monique is a unique dancer with integrity. I highly recommend her videos and point of view . . . her words and actions transcend stylistic preferences and apply to all artists."


Kajira Djoumahna


The Tribal Bible




" I felt terrified of becoming a psychic predator."


Monique Monet


(to read more click here)


an excerpt from Chorihani by Monique Monet


Published in the March/April issue (see below) of Zaghareet Magazine.




"Dancing can be a beautifully transcendental art form - - but, it's a crummy job."


Monique Monet


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an excerpt from Dancing for Love by MoniqueMonet




For the past few years I've earned my living, in Oregon and Hawaii, as an independent house painting contractor. I work hard to maintain my personal and creative independence.


I don't like to be under anyone's thumb. I enjoy the freedom of being able to say what I want to say and do what I want to do without fear of censure from a boss, or some funding agency


(to read more click here).


an excerpt from Video Op by Monique Monet


originally published in Jareeda Magazine.




"Set Your Spirit Free "


Monique Monet's Revolutionary Dance


tee-shirts and sweat shirts


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Photo of Taaj


"The idea of "Revolution" sums up her message. To Monet, revolution refers to freedom from restriction in the dance". Taaj


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From review of Revolutionary Dance in The Chronicles Magazine.




". . . . I wasn't expecting any surprises, but Fate or more likely the Goddess, had a real surprise in store for me that Saturday, Monique Monet."


Shahana Cartahi


(to read more click here)


An excerpt from Zaghareet Magazine


The Sacred Surprise of Tribal Fest 3


by Shahana Cartahi





"Perhaps it is the striving of an ancient but vanishing people to reach back into their misty prehistoric beginnings, and lay hands on the real magic that is their source." (to read more click here)


Inanna's Last Stand by Kay Seven




".. . . we in the West are taking Middle Eastern Dance in many new and exciting directions."

Monique Monet


An excerpt from When You've Got The Message . . .


by Monique Monet


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"We've arrived at a time when the true dancer, inspired by cosmic energy, has no choice but to move out of the doldrums of inhibiting tradition and into the racing current that is living contemporary dance."

Monique Monet


An excerpt from Free Spirit- - An Interview with Monique Monet.


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Published in Zaghareet Magazine




"Of course there are many of Romi background who are rock-solid members of mainstream society. But also there are, even today, tightly knit clans of Gypsies who continue to live by their own ancient rules."

Monique Monet


from Gypsies - - Tramps and Thieves, By Monique Monet (to read more click here)





"I believe that dance is art; and therefore dance expression should not be inhibited by any type of societal constraint."

Monique Monet


An except from The Art of Costuming by Monique Monet


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The dance is dead!"Fifi Abdou said.

"The dance of Fifi Abdou isn't dead - - quite the opposite, it has been immortalized within the coiled film of a video cassette. The future of dance is video - - and I, for one am glad."

Monique Monet

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Excerpt from Video Baladi by Monique Monet




"More than anything else, Monique Monet's Revolutionary Dance is an invaluable guide to 'dancing from the inside out'. Middle Eastern Dance can be a creatively beautiful art form; a potent ritual for personal empowerment, and more. . . ." wrote Kay Seven . (Click here for Kay Seven's complete Video Review published in JareedaMagazine




Dear Monique,


I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your "Nobody's Puppet" article in Jareeda. Right On!

Best Regards,

Charmaine (of Shamani Enterprises)


". . . . maybe she can't stop him from acting like a musical bully, but she is obligated, in honor of the dance, not to allow herself to be made a puppet-like fool."

from Nobody's Puppet! By Monique Monet


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As he raised his sword and instructed his troops to, "ready your rifles - - take aim. . . ." Mata Hari smiled and blew a kiss to her firing squad.



Click here for the complete 3 part series of


Dance Of The Dawn (The Life and Death of Mata Hari) By Monique Monet




     If you want to know more about Monique Monet's philosophy and ideas of dance


Click here - - Ideas of Dance


or to learn more about Monique Monet


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