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A contemporary American-Gypsy shares the invaluable secrets of creative freedom, positive body image and artistic independence -- basically, the overall "attitude" of the true dance artist. . . . an insightful, funny, challenging, one of a kind film. . . This is definitely not your average dance production. Entertaining and inspiring from start to finish!"

Al Zagora International Journalist

. . . an honest commentary on today's Middle Eastern Dance; and what it means to be a new millennium dancer, a woman -- and the constant target of our corporate/media-dominated culture. . . .

     See Monique Monet's Two Minute Dance Class - - an excerpt from the film  Revolutionay Dance.

     In Revolutionary Dance the Gypsy/American entertainer and educator, Monique Monet guides us through the rich and fascinating history of humankind's most ancient dance form.

     Cuneiform tablets, written about 3000 years B.C.E, describe dance as the world's earliest expression of art (music developed later, we are told, through the on-lookers' desire to accompany and share in the magic of the dance).

     Monique Monet also reveals to us the many other faces of contemporary oppressors. Although bearded desert patriarchs are generally no longer much of a problem these days, the modern dancer is confronted with an army of even more formidable critics and detractors: The misguided public image of the dance, pop culture standards, MTV mentality, the megalithic corporate world, dominating and over-zealous dance teachers, and most of all the confused and intimidated dancer herself, all conspire, some intentionally others unconsciously, to deprive the modern Middle Eastern dancer of the freedom, self expression, and ecstasy that are her birth right.

     Through narration and vivid illustrations we follow the wild and free Dance of Inanna (women celebrating and worshipping the female God Inanna through creative and sensuous movement). Through its moonlit nights of power and influence, we follow the dance onward through time to its steep decline into centuries of patriarchal oppression.

      In Revolutionary Dance, Monique Monet pulls no punches as she describes what is wrong with dance today. But at the same time she offers us the opportunity to step into an inner world from which we can generate a dance that knows no boundaries.

     Through Revolutionary Dance we follow the eternal golden circle that is Middle Eastern Dance -- from it's most ancient beginnings, down through millennia of regulation and cruel oppression, then back upward, through a new, yet timeless, dawning of creative expression, sacred sensuality, and limitless freedom .

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"Revolutionary Dance (is) wildly creative . . . a lot of fun."

Honolulu Star Bulletin


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