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Custom Classic Tee-shirts

Monique Monet's Revolutionary Dance

                   classic video-jacket photo with

"S et You r Spirit Free"quote


"Le Tour Gitans Electrique Du Monde!" world tour commemorative/collector's tank top, long sleeve tee-shirt, or sweat-shirt.

     Pictured on each shirt - - Monique Monet's Revolutionary Dance cover photo.


     Tank tops (available in M or L, white or Grey) $10.00


     Sweatshirts (available in M or L, white or grey) $20.00


    Long sleeve tee-shirts, sizes M or L, white only) $10.00 (no picture available)

     To order Monique Monet's Revolutionary Dance classic video jacket photo tee-shirts or sweat shirts (post paid world wide) send check, money order, or cash (payable to Desert Spirit Films):

Desert Spirit Films

 P.O. Box 1239

Ashland, Oregon 97520

All rights reserved


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